BOD Approved Minutes for May 20, 2018

May 20, 2018

EcoVillage Board Meeting

In Attendance: Tanja Woldt (Chair), Sandy Lockhart (Vice-Chair), Barbara Weber (Treasurer), Ernest Solar (Secretary), Ken Kukovich (OR), Peggy Maslanka (OR), Mike Weber (GM), Tena O’Rear (SSLLC), and Eirik Harteis (GC Rep – LSFM Chair).

Annette Hartung (External) and Tom Regan (GC Rep – Social Chair) were absent.

Moment of Silence

Opening Round


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the January 2018 Board Meeting were approved on March 13, 2018 via email.

Regular Board Meetings: July 29th, September 30th, and November 18th

Shadow Dates: No shadow dates

Treasurer’s Report: Please see attached Treasurer’s Report in the Appendix.

Owner’s Representatives Report: Ken sent an email in January to let owners know that he and Peggy were owner reps. Please see attached Owner’s Representatives Report in the Appendix.

General Manager’s Report: General Circle has met three times this year. The Circle has created 3, 5, and post-5 year plans for what needs to be done. The lists have moved to the committees to prioritize each of the lists. This process will help with prioritizing what needs to be accomplished in Ecovillage. The next meeting will be held in September. The Circle’s next goal is going to consider marketing and positioning of the community to the public.

  • Covenant Compliance Committee – No news to report.
  • A&E Committee – Proposal submitted to Board for approval.
  • Social Committee – The committee chair recently distributed a sign-up calendar via email to all community residents to volunteer for upcoming activities.
  • Finance Committee – Has been looking for an auditor and survey company to complete the upcoming reserve study.
  • LFSM Committee – The committee has been moving forward to mowing the common land and working towards starting the construction of the mail shelters.
  • Economic Development Committee – Chair and committee member attended a training session by Piedmont Council on writing land leases for future agriculture development.


Developer’s Report: Sycamore Springs, LLC has resubmitted sub-division application to Loudoun County for the other 90-acres south of Ecovillage. A response is expected in a certain amount of time. No news related to EVCA lands.

Board Chair Report: No report received.


Reserve Study (Proposal from FC): Proposal from FC approved by GC

Problem Statement: Virginia law requires HOAs to perform a reserve study every 5 years to determine the repair and replacement costs. FC collected several estimates with different scopes of work and compared for a reserve study needed in 2018.

Proposal from FC and approved by GC: EVCA should employ the same company used from the last reserve study based on them being the least expensive estimate.

Clarifying comments/questions

  • The question was asked how much the lowest estimate was, which is around $1800.
  • The question was asked if we were pleased with this company during their last effort and the answer was yes.

Proposal as submitted was approved with no objections.

Bylaw Change (Proposal from FC): Proposal from FC approved by GC

Problem Statement: There is an inconsistency in the bylaws with regards to committee purchases that need approval. Currently, there are two separate amount thresholds indicated in the bylaws ($3,000 and $5,000) in different places. This may cause confusion among committees and members.

Proposal: The Finance Committee proposes all instances of $5,000 approval thresholds found in the bylaws be changed to $3,000 approval thresholds.

Clarifying comments/questions

  • How many times has an expenditure of $3000 occurred? Answer: There is no incidences on record.
  • Board approval is required over $3000.

Proposal as submitted was approved with no objections.

A&E Guidelines and Landscaping Guidelines Change:

Proposal from A&E: EVCA should approve the new A&E Guidelines and Landscaping Guidelines as presented to the EVCA Board with recommended word change related to invasive species definition on page 4 of the Landscaping guidelines.

  • Note: The A&E guidelines and Landscaping guidelines were previous distributed to all community members (owners and residents) via electronic mail and two General Circle meetings.

 Clarifying comments/questions

  • Summary of the decision on the topic of garages.
  • Summary of the decision related to ATVs
  • Summary of decision on the guidelines related to cutting down trees on private land
  • Everyone’s concerns that were voiced was taken with equal seriousness and fairness and the guiding force was to keep the integrity of the community.

Proposal passed with no objections.

New Business – No new business

Progress Review of Board Goals for 2018:

  • Finalize and approve A&E Guidelines – Completed
  • Increase participation in community activities (for example; including at least two community meetings and two visitor days)
    • The whole community was invited to the GC meeting to discuss the new A&E guidelines and Land guidelines. No one attended, except for those on the A&E committee.
    • Peggy had sent out volunteer activities related to environmental needs and no one responded.
    • There was a comment that the Social Activity calendar is difficult to read. There was a suggestion that the social calendar needs to be distributed more efficiently.
  • Develop a marketing and communication plan involving methods and content of a narrative about who, what, and aspirations of EcoVillage communicated to the public.
    • GC will start progress toward this goal at the next meeting in September.
  • Contract to complete a reserve study in 2018.
    • The Board has approved the hiring of a company to begin and complete the study.

Closing Round;

Respectfully submitted,

Ernest Solar, Secretary

EVCA Board of Directors


EVCA Treasurer’s Report: May 20, 2018

Attached are the accrual statements for end of April 2018. The current balances (5/19/2018) in our three accounts are as follows:

Calvert Investments:        $ 20,643.44

PNC Business Checking   $  5,031.69

PNC BPMM (savings)      $ 83,309.82

Totals                             $108,984.95

As of 5/17/2018, we have paid $7,272.18 in 2018 and all invoices are up to date. Also, we have received $23,329.25 from 25 of 26 lots. The following shows lot payments to date:

Full Year                          8

Two Quarters                  8

Five Months                    5

Four Months                   3

One Quarter                   1

No Payments                  1*

Total Number of Lots   26

* There is a lien on this lot, the owner of which has made no payments for 2017 or 2018 to date.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara L. R. Weber

Barbara Weber, Treasurer

EcoVillage Community Association

Owner’s Representative Report for May 20 Board Meeting

January 2018I sent an email to all EcoVillage owners to let them know that Peggy and I are the Owner’s Representatives and are glad to set up meetings with residents for any prospective buyers of lots or homes to learn more about the community. 


Phill Thomas, Homeowner

  • When Phil was preparing his house to sale, I reached out to him to offer to assist in any way and to set up meetings with prospective buyers wanting to know about the community.
  • At Phil’s request, I provided him and his realtor, Roberta Fregosa, a digital copy of our Bylaws. And I introduced myself to Roberta when she was at Phill’s house.

Carol Squire, Lot Owner #5

  • At her request, I provided a copy of the Bylaws.
  • I set up a meeting for Sandy to meet with her prospective buyers, Joann and Ted Shen, who cancelled the day of the meeting as they decided not to buy here.
  • I also communicated with Suzanne Fields, Great Falls realtor for the Shen’s, about EcoVillage. She wants to come out at some point to learn more about EcoVillage and lots here.

Francy and Randy Williams, Homeowner

  • We let the Williams know when they put their house for sale that we were glad to meet with prospective buyers. Both Sandy and Tanja met with several people interested in their house over the period that it was on the market.
  • Also I provided the Bylaws to the Williams at their request.

 Roger Oliva, Lot Owner #17

  • I met with his friend, Kristy Miller, who has an interest in EcoVillage. She was particularly interested in the straw bale house.

 Kal and Kremena Bikov, Interested in Living at EcoVillage

  • I met with them at the beginning of the year. They loved the concept of EcoVillage but were concerned about the length of the commute to work.
  • I let them know there were rentals here if they wanted to test the commute. I connected them with the Weber’s when they visited, and they rented for a short-term. And, they concluded the commute was too long.

Asoka Banderage, Interested in Building a House at EcoVillage

  • Asoka wants to buy a lot and build here. Her initial contact here was with the Weber’s. But she must sell her Chevy Chase condo first. She has been coming out for social gatherings from time to time and looking at rentals as an option before buying and building here. I gave her the contact information for all rentals here, and she has since set up meetings for all of them.
  • Sandy and I have been hosting Asoka to stay overnight when she comes out so that she doesn’t have the long drive home after dark.

 Tanja, Maggie, Mike and Sandy continue to meet with prospective buyers and realtors too.


 Landscaping Guidelines new – DRAFT

A+E Guidelines new – DRAFT

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