BOD Approved Minutes for December 16, 2018

December 16, 2018

EcoVillage Board Meeting

In Attendance: Tanja Woldt (Chair), Sandy Lockhart (Vice-Chair), Barbara Weber (Treasurer), Ernest Solar (Secretary), Ken Kukovich (OR), Mike Weber (GM), Christine Solar (GC Rep – Social/2019), Glynis Mccorkle (OR/2019), Peggy Maslanka (OR), Tena O’Rear (SSLLC), Tom Regan (GC Rep – Social Chair), and Eirik Harteis (GC Rep – LSFM Chair).

Annette Hartung (External) was absent.

Moment of Silence

Opening Round


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the September 30, 2018 Board Meeting were approved on October 12, 2018 via unanimous vote.

Regular Board Meetings:

Proposed Meeting Schedule 2019

  • January 27
  • March 24
  • May 19
  • July 28
  • September 22
  • November 24

Meeting time will change to start at 2:00 pm starting on the January 27th meeting.

Shadow Dates: No shadow dates

Treasurer’s Report: Please see attached Treasurer’s Report in the Appendix.

Owner’s Representatives Report: Ken reported that Lot 2 is still under consideration to be purchased. Matt and Phoebe Clay bought Lot 10.

General Manager’s Report: At this time all of the committees are continuing their own agendas as determined by each committee. Christine Solar was elected the new GC representative. Committees are working on a variety of things:

  • Covenant Compliance Committee – New chair, Tanja Woldt.
  • A, D, & C Committee – New Chair, Sandy Lockhart
  • Social Committee – no news to report.
  • Finance Committee – approved moving $70,000 from the PNC BPMM (savings) to the Calvert Investment account.
  • LFSM Committee is working on purchasing Bush hog for the tractor.
  • Economic Development Committee – no news to report.


 Developer’s Report: Loudoun County has asked for changes to the sub-development application of the South parcel, which is being adjusted at this time. The goal is to resubmit the sub-development application in January 2019. (*Note – The sub-development of the south parcel does not impact EVCA lands.) No news related to EVCA lands.

Board Chair Report:

  • No news to report.


Election of Officers: Terms are expiring for vice-chair and secretary on the Board of Directors.

The positions are two-year terms, which are staggered with the other Board positions.

Election for Vice-Chair

The Board of Directors voted for Sandy Lockhart until the end of 2020

Sandy Lockhart accepted the position

Election for Secretary

The Board of Directors voted for Ernest Solar until the end of 2020

Ernest Solar accepted the position.

External Representative position, Annette Hartung’s term has ended and she is not up for re-election. At this time the position will be unfilled.

New Business –

No new business

Progress Review of Board Goals for 2018:



  •  Finalize and approve A&E Guidelines – Completed
  • Increase participation in community activities (for example; including at least two community meetings and two visitor days) – Completed
    • 20+ pot lucks were held in 2018.
    • Hosted the inaugural Leaf & Ink Festival
    • GC applied to the DOT to be a part of the Adopt a Road Program
    • Hosted a spring clean-up day on Taylorstown Road
    • New Owners Welcome Pot Luck in October
    • Christmas Bake for the library, firefighter, and animal shelter
  • Develop a marketing and communication plan involving methods and content of a narrative about who, what, and aspirations of EcoVillage communicated to the public. – In Progress
    • GC will begin discussing marketing efforts toward this goal at the January 2019 meeting.
  • Contract to complete a reserve study in 2018. – Completed
    • The Board has approved the hiring of a company to begin and complete the study.

Closing Round;

Respectfully submitted,

Ernest Solar, Secretary

EVCA Board of Directors


EVCA Treasurer’s Report: December 15, 2018

The end of year Accrual Balances will be attached to the minutes as soon as they are available. The current balances (12/15/2018) in our three accounts are as follows:                                                     

CURRENT BALANCES December 15, 2018
Calvert Investments: $20,880.78
PNC Business Checking $5,398.32
PNC BPMM (savings) $87,098.21
Totals       $113,377.31


As of 12/15/2018, we have paid our vendors a total of $22,711.62 in 2018 and all received invoices are up to date. Including the $15,865 reserve allocation for 2018, we have paid a total of $38,576.62 toward our budgeted amount of $40,299, which leaves us slightly over $1500 of unspent budgeted items that will carry forward as savings.

We have received $42.936.87 from 26 lots; this includes the past due payments for 2017 from the lien that is now paid in full and forward payments for 2019 from one of the lot sales. There is an additional $399 total from three monthly payments which are scheduled to come in yet this month and we will then be paid in full for 2018 (and 2017).

The 2019 invoices have been emailed to owners. The finance committee is still working to get audits done for 2015, 2016, and 2017. The General Manager is working on changing the Calvert account from a personal investment account to a business account.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara L. R. Weber

Barbara Weber, Treasurer

EcoVillage Community Association

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