BOD Approved July 2019 Minutes

July 28, 2019

EcoVillage Board of Directors Meeting

In Attendance:  Tanja Woldt (Chair/GC Rep), Sandy Lockhart (Vice-Chair/GC Rep), Barbara Weber (Treasurer/GC Rep), Ernest Solar (Secretary), Christine Solar (GC Rep), Peggy Maslanka (OR), Mike Weber (GM), Eirik Harteis (GC Rep), and Ken Kukovich (Resident).

Tena O’Rear (SSLLC), Tom Reagen (GC Rep), and Glynis McCorkle (OR) were absent.

Moment of Silence

Opening Round


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the May 19, 2019 Board Meeting were approved on July 5, 2019 via majority vote through electronic communication.    

Regular Board Meetings:

Proposed Meeting Schedule 2019

  • September 22
  • November 24

Treasurer’s Report:  Please see attached the July 28, 2019 Treasurer’s Report in the Appendix. 

Owner’s Representatives Report:  Owner’s Representatives Report was not presented at this meeting.   

General Manager’s Report:  Please see attached General Manager’s Report in the Appendix.

  • GC meeting will be moved to September 8th (Sunday).

Developer’s Report:  No news to report.     

Board Chair Report: Please see attached Board News in the Appendix.


EarthCraft Guidelines to be incorporated into the AD&C Guidelines: Please see the proposal submitted by Sandy L. in the pdf file titled “Board Meeting July 2019 Agenda and Proposals”. 

Clarifying Comments/Questions:

  • Add the word “equivalent” to the proposal.  For example, “EarthCraft or an equivalent …”
  • A concern was brought up that “equivalent” means something different for each person.

Proposal: As written and submitted to the Board.

Proposal passed with no objection.

Tanja proposes the task that the AD&C committee develop specific language for the AD&C guidelines in regarding updating external green building standards.

Proposal passed with no objection.

Conservancy Lot C Open Discussion: Please see approved minutes from the May 2019 Board Meeting for previous discussion concerning this matter.  Continued open discussion to receive feedback from the community and answer questions in regards to the potential purchase of Conservancy Lot C.     


  • See Board Chair Report in the Appendix.
  • Made clear to the church representative that EVCA could charge HOA fees based on the easement. 
  • Based on the documentation, EVCA has right of first refusal if the church finds an outside buyer. 
  • The cost of building a quarter mile road with one stream crossing is estimated at $123,000 to gain access to Lot C. 
  • The church representative did mention that another buyer is interested in Lot C. 
  • If we started charging the annual HOA fees, would that encourage them to give us the property?
    • Based on those in attendance to the meeting feel that it would become a legal battle.
  • Still unclear if there is a buildable area on Lot C.  More research and a title search would need to be conducted to determine if there is a buildable section on Lot C.
  • There is time to continue to find information and determine how much the community is willing to spend to purchase Lot C.
  • A specific committee should be developed to manage the purchase of Lot C if the need arises in the future. 

Board Goal for 2019: Status

  • Internal Communication: A user-friendly, internal communication system that is easily accessible to all members of EcoVillage; which would include access to a calendar, committee and Board minutes, agendas, meeting dates, notifications, and other important information.
    • In progress – The structure of the internal website has been planned out. There will be a coordination between the look of the internal and external website.
    • The email distribution is still the only current means of internal communication for EVCA
    • The General Circle meeting will add it as a task item.
  • Brand: Creating our own brand of who EcoVillage is to the public.  (For example, a framework of language and potential logo). 
    • In progress – The structure layout of the website has been designed.  The written content has been developed.  The committee is currently in the editing stage of the written content and they are looking for photographs to include on the website.  The committee will be soliciting photographs from residents.  If need be they will ask for funds to hire a professional photographer.
  • Community Participation: Greater participation in the governance structures by community members.
    • More participation in committee meetings – new member on finance committee, new secretary on the LSFM committee, and two meetings for CCC.
      • Welcome Packets have been created for new residents.
    • Taylorstown Road clean-up – seven out of the 14 houses were represented. 
    • Pot Luck participation was slow during the winter months.  But still had one pot luck every two to three weeks.
  • Streamlining Governing Documents: Streamlining all language in the governing documents with a legal review by the end of 2019.
    • Stalled.

New Business 

Owner’s Representative Role: Peggy suggested that the Owner’s Representative is also a part of the General Circle. 

Clarifying Comments/Questions:

  • Roles and positions for the Board of Directors and General Circle committee are outline in the Bylaws. The Chair strongly encourages everyone to read through the Bylaws once again to refresh their understanding of the rules. 
  • General Circle manager needs to remind committee chairs to send meeting minutes to everyone in the neighborhood as a courtesy. 
  • New elections will take place at the end of 2019 – keep in mind who could move into new roles and encourage participation.
  • Committees need to communicate when they are meeting to encourage participation from members of the community.
  • It is difficult to hold people accountable in a volunteer organization.
  • Maybe expectation of roles in the Bylaws need to be adjusted to be more realistic.

No proposal was submitted. 

Absent Board Members and Community Meetings

Clarifying Comments/Questions:

  • There is a rule that if a Board member or committee member misses three consecutive meetings there is an option that the individual may be informed they are no longer allowed to serve in that position. 
  • Tanja would like to reach out to the Developer in regards to the representative missing the previous three meetings.

No proposal was submitted. 

Closing Round;

Respectfully submitted,

Ernest Solar, Secretary

EVCA Board of Directors


EVCA Treasurer’s Report: July 28, 2019

The end of June 2019 Accrual Balances were previously submitted for this report.  The current balances (7/27/2019) in our three accounts are as follows:

Calvert Investments (3/31/19) $21,275.81
PNC Business Checking $5048.87
PNC BPMM (savings) $81,705.95
Totals $108,030.63

PNC bank has resolved the issue with electronic payments and we now get the full details of each payment.  All owners are up to date for their payment type. 

Payment Number of Lots
Full Year 8
Q3 2
August 1
July 7
Q2 6
Q1 2
Total 26

We have received $20,936.29 to date and we have paid all invoices received ($26,862.75).  The finance committee is still working to get audits done for at least 2015, 2016.  In addition, the finance committee is working to find another option for our long-term social/environmental/governance responsible savings account.  As this is the second year of my second term as treasurer, please be thinking of who should take on this task in January 2020.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara L. R. Weber

Barbara Weber, Treasurer

EcoVillage Community Association

General Manager’s Report

July 28th, 2019

The General Circle met in March with members and residents in attendance.

At the meeting Peggy Maslanka lead a discussion on ways to ‘take control of the narrative”, or influence the image of EcoVillage, to present a positive image of our community primarily through the creation of a web page.

There was a committee created and tasked with beginning the creation of such a page and reporting back to the GC.  No report has yet been received as I understand it is not completed.  We will put the review on the September agenda.

The car charger construction has begun.  Site clearing and layout it done.  The electrician was waiting for cooler weather to the excavation.  We should finish this summer. 

The committees are functioning as intended.

Finally, a reminder that all of our meetings are open to any member of the community.

Next meeting September 7th, TBA location.

Submitted by

Michael Weber

Board Chair’s Report

July 28th, 2019

Four members of the Board have met with a representative of the owner of Lot C (conservancy lot around the Stoutsenberger Farmstead) and talked about an hour regarding possibilities for the owner to monetize this lot.  Numbers were pretty vague.  Anything from $12k to $300k was named.  The owner seems willing to negotiate a good deal – even with paying over 20 years for example – but is not in a rush.

According to the EVCA Declaration Article 2, Lot A and Lot C could possibly be charged with HOA fees due to both lots having easements over Ecovillage Community Association Property.  According to the declaration that does not make them members of the EVCA though.  This needs to be looked into further and we agreed to send the owners representatives the documents related to their lot (our declaration and the easements).

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