BOD Approved May 2019 Minutes

EcoVillage Board & General Circle Combined Meeting

In Attendance:  Tanja Woldt (Chair/GC Rep), Sandy Lockhart (Vice-Chair/GC Rep), Barbara Weber (Treasurer/GC Rep), Ernest Solar (Secretary), Mike Weber (GM), Eirik Harteis (GC Rep), Tom Reagen (GC Rep), Ken Kukovich (Resident).

Tena O’Rear (SSLLC), Glynis McCorkle (OR), Christine Solar (GC Rep) and Peggy Maslanka (OR) were absent.


Election of General Manager

  • Quorum was achieved with those present at the meeting.
  • Nominations: Adam, Mike, and Carrie
  • Tanja proposed that Mike be re-elected as General Circle Manager for a second term.

Proposal pass with no objections.

  • Mike accepted the position.

Board of Directors Meeting

Moment of Silence

Opening Round


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the January 27, 2019 Board Meeting were approved on February 2, 2019 via majority vote through electronic communication.    

Regular Board Meetings:

Proposed Meeting Schedule 2019

  • July 28
  • September 22
  • November 24

Treasurer’s Report:  Please see attached the May 19, 2019 Treasurer’s Report in the Appendix. 

Owner’s Representatives Report:  Owner’s Representatives Report was not presented at this meeting.   

General Manager’s Report:  Please see attached General Manager’s Report in the Appendix.

  • Electric Car Charger:
  • Mike with NOVEC to discuss progress.  Work will start after road maintenance is complete.  EcoVillage needs to purchase the electric car chargers.  Construction should begin around June 10th

Developer’s Report:  No news to report.     

Board Chair Report: No news to report


Conservancy Lot Right of first Refusal for EVCA: Please see attached report from Ken summarizing his conversation with the current owners of the Conservancy Lot C in the Appendix. 

Clarifying Comments/Questions:

  • The land is still certified as organic
  • There is an easement to build a road to reach their lot.  But EVCA does not have to pay to build the road. 
    • All other easements related to the lot are the same as the easements on all of the other land of EVCA.
  • There is mixed information if the lot is buildable or not. 
  • Right of First Refusal by EVCA was written in all of the original sale contracts. 

Open discussion – If EVCA is approached to purchase the conversancy lot what do the current Board members think?


  • It would be in our best interest to keep the land a part of EVCA.
  • Concern about the historical site on the land and it would be worth to negotiate with the church on a price agreement.
  • Maybe there is a way to appeal to the church’s mission in conjunction with EVCA’s mission.
  • The land should be a part of the community.  But first we need clarity on rights and position concerning the land. 
  • We should figure out the potential use of the land before we make a decision moving forward. 
  • Good possibility to expand EVCA trails.
  • There are too many questions related to cost and usage before we can move forward.  It will be very hard to assign value of the land. 
  • It’s all about the money. 
  • The lot is land locked if no road is built.  No more than $10-15K purchase price for the lot.
  • It is an advantage for EVCA to own the land. 

Tanja proposes an Action Plan for EVCA to investigate the value, if there is a buildable space on the lot, and rights related to conservancy lot C as soon as possible in order to make a better decision if EVCA should pursue purchasing the lot in the future. 

  • Tanja, Mike, and Ken will be the Action Team.

Board Goal for 2019: Status

  • Internal Communication: A user-friendly, internal communication system that is easily accessible to all members of EcoVillage; which would include access to a calendar, committee and Board minutes, agendas, meeting dates, notifications, and other important information.
    • In progress
  • Brand: Creating our own brand of who EcoVillage is to the public.  (For example, a framework of language and potential logo). 
    • In progress
  • Community Participation: Greater participation in the governance structures by community members.
    • More participation in committee meetings – new member on finance committee, new secretary on the LSFM committee, and two meetings for CCC.
      • Welcome Packets have been created for new residents.
    • Taylorstown Road clean-up – seven out of the 14 houses were represented. 
    • Pot Luck participation was slow during the winter months.  But still had one pot luck every two to three weeks.
  • Streamlining Governing Documents: Streamlining all language in the governing documents with a legal review by the end of 2019.
    • Stalled.

New Business –

Road Maintenance: Increase in funds needed to complete additional work on Redwing Song Lane.  Additional work includes a new culvert for water drainage and a L-shape turn around at the end of the lane.  The additional cost (approximately $10,000) will be needed for the additional work.

Clarifying Comments/Questions:

  • Maintenance of our roads is a vital part of community.

Tanja proposes we add $10,000 from the capital funds to cover the additional cost to the road maintenance as approved by the LSFM committee.

Proposal passed with no objection.

Calvert Account

  • Tanja proposes the finance committee to review EcoVillage investment guidelines and develop a suggestion of what to do with EcoVillage investment and savings funds. 
  • Clarifying Comments
    • No clarifying comments

Proposal passed with no objection.

Closing Round;

Respectfully submitted,

Ernest Solar, Secretary

EVCA Board of Directors


EVCA Treasurer’s Report: May 19, 2019

The end of April 2019 Accrual Balances are attached with this report.  The current balances (5/19/2019) in our three accounts are as follows:

Calvert Investments (3/31/19) $21,117.19
PNC Business Checking $20,955.44
PNC BPMM (savings) $84,976.91
Totals $107,049.54

PNC bank has resolved the issue with electronic payments and we now get the full details of each payment.  All owners are up to date for their payment type. 

Payment Number of Lots
Full Year 7
Q2 7
Q1 4
April 3
May 4
June 1
Total 26

We have received $16,964.25 to date and we have paid all invoices received ($19,241.78).  The finance committee is still working to get audits done for at least 2015, 2016, and possibly for 2017 (and 2018?).  There has been some movement from the contracted auditor for the 15/16 years, but he is unable to open the reports our bookkeeper sent him as he requested.  The General Manager continues to work on changing the Calvert account from a personal investment account to a business account. 

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara L. R. Weber

Barbara Weber, Treasurer

EcoVillage Community Association

General Manager’s Report

May 19th, 2019

Since our last meeting in March we have continued working on the image of EV in many forms, though primarily focusing on web pages.  The point of this is not so much marketing (in the sense of selling lots, houses) as it is putting out a positive image of our community as we experience it.  In June we will have an extra meeting to evaluate our efforts so far. 

We will be repairing the roads shortly; repairs are scheduled to begin on June 3rd.  One important factor this year is that we will make improvements to Red Wing Song Lane, including build the turn around at the end which was indicated in the approved plat and identified as a desirable expansion during the Firewise evaluation.  We will also spend some effort on the trash shed parking lot as well.

In working on the Calvert account signature issue, I began a bit of research on this investment vehicle and have come to believe that it is not a good ‘socially conscious” investment fund.  I would ask the Finance Committee and Board to create an investment committee to look into better options for our money.  The Calvert signatures issue has not been resolved primarily due to logistics.

Since this is the report from the end of my term, I want to express my thanks to all who have tried to make this circle work again.  I think we have done some good things and I hope it continues to work for a better future for all of us.

Submitted by

Michael Weber

Committee reports                             May 19th, 2019

A D & C have have had scheduled meetings most months of this year.  

Because Viridiant has changed its EarthCraft certification, members have been in contact with Virdiant for guidance. We have considered how to update the EarthCraft certification to achieve the best equivalency to the EarthCraft Gold in our current AD&C Guidelines. A proposal was prepared at the last meeting to update the Vridiant certification. After it is approved by AD&C members, it will be submitted to the Board for approval

Committee members continue to work on several ongoing homework items that relate to both sets of new Guidelines. Homework items include development of resource documents with helpful information that relates to both the new Guidelines. Examples are home builders in our area, alternative septic companies, and native plant information.

Also language in our governing documents (Bylaws and Declaration) is being compared with the new Guidelines for compatibility and any needed changes to propose for the governing documents. 

Economic Development hasn’t met this year, but I am in the process of setting up a meeting to get us back on track. My plan is to meet monthly for a while to gain some forward momentum.

At the end of last year, we concluded that leasing common lands for agricultural purposes is not a source of any substantial income. In Loudoun County, non-irrigated cropland rents on average for $49 per acre per year and irrigated cropland rents on average for $98 per acre per year. 

LSFM What we have been up to:

1. Adopt-a-highway cleanup

2. Reviewed and purchased a bush hog

3. Repaired the water pump by the community garden

4. Made plans and started to execute road repairs

5. Made plans for landscaping near the EcoVillage entrance

6. Organized a group of volunteers to mow the grounds of EcoVillage

7. Made a list of needed repairs to EcoVillage structures

8. Posted danger signs by the Stoutsenberger barn

9. Did maintenance of mowers

10. Held monthly meetings

11. Reviewed snow removal procedures and policies

Where we need some help:

1. Keeping trash and recycling sheds clean and orderly

2. Cutting back brush along trails

3. Clearing invasives

4. Help with maintenance of structures

Respectfully submitted,

Eirik Frederick Harteis

May 15, 2019

Social Committee will meet next Wednesday night, May 22nd at 7 PM at the Petzen-Regan house. It is the task of the social committee to arrange a schedule for potlucks, branches, outings and other events to be held for the benefit of the community. We meet 3 to 4 times a year to discuss the schedule for the upcoming months.

This coming meeting will be held to discuss social scheduling until Labor Day. If you’re interested in belonging to the social committee or you just want to participate, we welcome all members of the community to come and join us while we brainstorm of fun ideas.

We did not have written reports from Finance or Covenant Compliance.

GC Meeting held at Lovettsville library

Date 3-9-19 10 am – noon

Attendees Alice, Mike W, Barbara W, Maggie, Eric, Allison, Dave, Adam, Ashuka, Ken, Sandy, Tom, Tanya, Christine, Peggy, Brian

Mike W introduced the discussion about how to present EV and Peggy facilitated a website content writing workshop.

Discussed the attributes of EV; Responsibility, Environmentally Friendly, Engaged and Sustainable Community.

Discussed the voice of the website; Friendly, Encouraging and Inclusive.

Discussed the audience of the website; Residents, Young Families (safe natural setting), Older (who can build), People seeking community.

We want website visitors to;

  • Fall in love with EV,
  • Visit EV,
  • Connect to realtors,
  • Understand who we are and EV’s vision,
  • Take the next step toward EV,
  • Become interested, contact us
  • Understand EV’s Governance (self gov, not typical HOA, Fees, Contributing)
  • Understand the building and landscaping std, not a tiny house community
  • Know we are a Dark Sky community
  • Know about our Common Lands

Next Steps:

  • Identified Peggy as the website content writing team lead and Sandy, Tanya, Ernest, and Barbara W. as writers/helpers/reviewers.
  • Report the team process and status at the next GC meeting.


Submitted by Brian Maslanka

Conservancy Lot Right of first Refusal for EVCA

Report by Ken Kukovich

In late April, Kathryn Gettles-Atwa, Chairperson of the Finance Committee of the First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, contacted me by phone and email about Conservancy Lot C that is owned by the Church. The Church wants to get the lot sold as they are paying taxes on it without any benefit. 

She called me as I had previously been the contact person as Chair of the Finance Committee. She did not name a price for the lot. After speaking with Kathryn on the phone, I forwarded her contact information to Tanja as Board Chair.

She said that the Church contacted EVCA as she thought we had the right of first refusal. She was at EcoVillage at Easter when she was in the area to take a look.

She said the Church wants to understand the easement for a road as that may make the lot more saleable. 

She also wants to return for a visit in late June, and I let her know that Sandy would be able to meet with her, and possibly others. She wants to walk EcoVillage and Conservancy Lot C grounds

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