21-download_flyer_300Undeveloped lot in EcoVillage community available as For-Sale-By-Owner.

lot 21-2Peaceful, tranquil surroundings and top-tier environmental stewardship. Lot owners hold full title to individual lots (fee simple), plus common ownership of ~50 acres of meadows, forest, creeks, and agricultural area.

This lot is located in a remote cul-de-sac. There is minimal car traffic and it has a nice view to the south, overlooking wooded area and historic structures.

lot 21 mapAvailable for sale separately: finished design for 2-story, 4-bedroom, straw bale house with walk-out basement, sized, placed, & oriented for this lot. Complete architectural and structural CD sets & specs, plus equipment & mechanical specs written by current lot Owner (a licensed mechanical engineer). Ultra-efficient design, with annual energy cost ~$200 (NOT monthly!). Design energy performance validated by computer simulation performed by current lot Owner. Easily upgraded to become net-zero or net-positive with addition of solar panels.


Lot Information
Lot Number 21
Address 12599 Trillium Glen Lane, Lovettsville, VA 20180
Lot Size 0.33 acre
Landscaping None – undeveloped lot
Lot Description Cozy setting, located in remote cul-de-sac. Minimal car traffic and nice view to south overlooking wooded area and historic structures
Asking Price & Contact Information
Asking Price $ 119,000.00
Contact Information Mike Opitz
eMail: mopitz88@gmail.com
phone: 240.751.4642
Lot is for sale as FSBO (no Realtor). If interested contact owner directly. No owner financing.
Additional Information http://ecovillageloudoun.com/lots/lots/ecovillage-lot-21/