Loudoun County sealLoudoun County approved EcoVillage as a “Rural Hamlet.”  This zoning was designed to allow for residential concentrations in the largely rural sections of the county.  Drive through our village and you’ll see houses clustered together—3 or 5—and then large swaths of open space.

One of the interesting features of rural hamlets is that each lot can have two houses, one for you and one for a relative, guests, or tenants.  Several of our houses currently have in-law suites or apartments but entirely separate structures are possible.  Clusters are connected by walking paths, most grassy but some mulched with our own wood chips to keep mud down.

The Uniform Statewide Building Code applies here, as it does for any construction, anywhere in Virginia.  We have a few additional items we require—to preserve the unique character of what we have here.  We encourage you to use well-known national standards for green building as you design and construct your home.

Please have a look at the following links to learn more about the county, programs, resources, and rules that apply: